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Monday June 12 2017, 2:46 PM
We had some folks tell us they couldn't find the digital copy of the latest BMS Magazine. So, I decided to post it out here in the blog....and to let you know you the Summer issue will be out by mid July.
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Friday March 31 2017, 7:58 AM
The latest news regarding the 2017 Salt Air Jam is now the East Coast Golf Management Salt Air Jam. East Coast Golf Management (ECGM) is a golf course management and cooperative marketing company that involves 25 courses along the Grand...
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Monday February 13 2017, 8:42 AM
Edwin McCain, Jim Quick & Coastline, The Tim Clark Band, Mister Fifties, and Matty & Sicily Russo along with DJ Eddie C will fill the bill for the 2017 Salt Air Jam. The North Myrtle Beach Park & sports Complex Amphitheater will host...
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Saturday January 14 2017, 9:44 AM
If there are any bands, artists, or managers looking for video production, here is another example of our work. This video promo was created for Jan Michael Fields. He was performing with Splash. We shot the footage at 2 different venues using 9...
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Sunday January 8 2017, 11:13 AM
This isn't just an unsolicited ad for golf. It's part of our business. Our sister company (iNetGolf, LLC) owns  ....TGD for short. In addition to producing golf radio and TV, TGD has a golf vacation division. We book tee...
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Saturday January 7 2017, 8:59 AM
What has happened to great customer service? Sorry, for this rant, but this is one of my pet peeves, and it is apparently a widespread issue. Many of our bands and artists who need great representation are being let down. Can anyone give me an...
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Sunday December 4 2016, 10:46 AM
There are a lot things happening behind the scenes here at Beach Music SCENE...formerly Shag City USA. This new website platform is just the beginning and part of the preparation for coming features.  We began supporting Carolina Beach Music and...
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Monday November 28 2016, 9:36 AM
North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade The North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade gets underway Saturday December 3rd at 5:30 PM. For the past few years we've provided emcees for the event, and will do so again this year. Paul Truelove will...
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Saturday November 26 2016, 7:45 AM
The Fall 2016 issue of Beach Music SCENE Magazine is our and has been distributed to to all our North Myrtle Beach locations. The magazine can be viewed digitally by clicking  HERE . If you would like to have a current and even previous issues...
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Saturday November 26 2016, 8:45 AM
We're all saddened by the loss of an absolute icon in the Beach Music community. H. Lee Brown passed away Thursday night November 24, 2016. We had the privilege to create 25 episodes of "Where It All Began hosted by H. Lee. Getting to learn...
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Friday November 25 2016, 7:00 PM
Welcome to the new Shag City USA format. With this new platform we'll create a closer connection between fans and the artists performing in the Carolina Beach Music industry. Please bare with us as we reshape your experience over the next few...
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Thursday September 19 2013, 6:00 PM
For all of you shaggers and beach diggers who like to play a round of golf on your visits to our fine area, we want to let you know about some great Myrtle Beach golf discounts with the Platinum Card by East Coast Golf Management. The Platinum...
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Saturday August 24 2013, 8:30 AM
Before I moved to the South Carolina, it was the beach music along with the lifestyle that includes the smell of the ocean and the memory of the those ocean breezes that kept me coming back....and the golf, of course. I have always loved rhythm...
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Saturday June 22 2013, 6:00 PM
If you have been looking for a music store in North Myrtle Beach, check out The Don Hamrick Drum Center at 503 Main Street. Don wants all musicians to know that he will special order items you may not find on the shelves. As the only music store...
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Sunday June 9 2013, 9:23 AM
Professional drummer, Don Hamrick (of the Rick Strickland Band) and his lovely wife, Mary Jo have opened The Don Hamrick Drum Center at 503 Main Street in North Myrlte Beach and I am learning to play the drums! We're very pleased here at...
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