Shag City USA - We're Changing Our Name And Our Business Model Not Our Focus Sunday December 4 2016, 10:46 AM
Jeff Gilder
Shag City USA  - We're Changing Our Name And Our Business Model Not Our Focus

There are a lot things happening behind the scenes here at Beach Music SCENE...formerly Shag City USA. This new website platform is just the beginning and part of the preparation for coming features.  We began supporting Carolina Beach Music and the shag dance with our radio station (Shag City USA) back in July 2010. In today's digital industry things evolve quickly, and to stay on top, businesses like ours have to be willing to evolve with the industry....just as the industry has to evolve to survive. We want to focus more completely on helping the industry grow, and ultimately survive generational change.

Internet radio served our needs in the beginning and served many of you as well. We are very grateful to our loyal followers for your support! We promise we have not abandoned you, and we won't let you down, but change is necessary. The radio business was extremely limiting. While we enjoyed steady growth, that growth came at a significant cost. The time and (increasing) resources required to keep it going and growing did not allow us to grow in other areas that we feel are more important. We feel we can make more of an impact on the industry with a change in direction.

Two years ago we began publishing Beach Music SCENE (BMS) Magazine. BMS has been a huge success and is currently disturbed to folks all over the eastern United States. As part of our new direction, we're going to increase our focus on the magazine...which has now become a digital magazine as well as printed. We know many folks prefer to have printed copies, and we'll continue to print...but digital has to be a major part of this effort.  BMS Magazine and the name (Beach Music SCENE) more closely represents our support for the artists, bands, DJs, and others in the Carolina Beach Music industry who make the music happen. We're changing the name of this website and this part of our business to reflect our focus on the overall...Beach Music SCENE. Over the next few days we'll be making the changes, and what was Shag City USA will become Beach Music SCENE. The website address of will become For a period of time we will redirect the old domain to the new one, but will eventually drop it all together, and get on with the new direction.

A major part of our new direction involves something we dearly In all other aspects of our business at Zeus Digital Marketing (and (iNetGolf) we're heavily involved in video production and streaming. The future of Beach Music SCENE will include much more focus video marketing and something we think you'll video. We're also in the very early stages of planning a Beach Music reality (online) TV show. You can expect to see many new things coming in the form of Beach Music TV from Beach Music SCENE.

We certainly hope you will understand and embrace our necessary change in direction. If one takes the time to look around the industry at the average age of our entertainers and the average age of our fan base, the need for growth is evident. I challenge each of you to look ahead ten years...or even five years. What do you see? Our industry needs new and younger talent to survive. New and younger talent will bring new music and new fans. Older folks (I am one) normally resist change. Whether you agree or not at this moment, I think you will agree that this industry deserves a chance to survive generational change. We intend to be a driving force in ensuring survival. We are, at least, going to do our part in that effort. We ask that you do yours, and keep an open mind regarding the increase in new talent, new music, and more new fans. 

There'll be much more on this subject to come in future blogs here on Beach Music SCENE and in our magazine. We look forward to the challenges ahead.

Jeff Gilder

Editor, Beach Music SCENE.