Too Many Booking Agencies Are Dropping The Ball Saturday January 7 2017, 8:59 AM
Jeff Gilder
Too Many Booking Agencies Are Dropping The Ball

What has happened to great customer service? Sorry, for this rant, but this is one of my pet peeves, and it is apparently a widespread issue. Many of our bands and artists who need great representation are being let down. Can anyone give me an explanation as to why this service has deteriorated to this point? If you entrust your livelihood to an agency, you deserve to be served. 

Through the process of booking bands for the upcoming Salt Air Jam, I was appalled at the number of  so-called "agents" who either didn't return emails and calls, or didn't follow up. I didn't have any problems with the unrepresented bands that I called directly. Answers from these guys were very prompt. But, 50% of the agencies I called dropped the ball. They either didn't bother returning the emails and phone calls or didn't follow up. 

One of the agencies representing a band that I really wanted to bring to North Myrtle Beach answered my initial call and exchanged a couple of emails. But, when it came time to follow up on the offer / contract they didn't respond until I sent an email letting them know I was withdrawing the offer and moving on. And, if you're thinking it may have been my offer that prompted their lack of response....not true. The offer was well within their asking range. They did respond to the withdrawal email saying they could confirm immediately. Too little, too late! 

To the bands and artists who have chosen to be represented by an agency, check them out. Test them to see if they are responding to requests and offers. As tough as it is for musicians to survive, all deserve to be served.

OK, now that I have that off my chest, I'll be posting the 2017 Salt Air jam line up shortly. Announcement of the closing band is all that remains. We'll have that shortly.