For The Beach Music Loving Golfer Out There Sunday January 8 2017, 11:13 AM
Jeff Gilder
For The Beach Music Loving Golfer Out There

This isn't just an unsolicited ad for golf. It's part of our business. Our sister company (iNetGolf, LLC) owns ....TGD for short. In addition to producing golf radio and TV, TGD has a golf vacation division. We book tee times and golf vacations here in Myrtle Beach and a handful of other locations. Our golf staff have over 30 years experience in the golf vacation business. We know golf and the Myrtle Beach Golf vacation business. We play the courses on a regular basis. Yes, I know that really sucks....but somebody has to do it.

If you or anyone you know needs help with golf in Myrtle Beach, we'd appreciate you sharing this with them. You can go directly to our "Vacation Planner page at or you can give us a call at 844.GoGolf1. That's 844.464.6531. Thanks for the read and consideration.